Walking (staff maps available in Torsby turistbyra and in the house)
Mountain biking  for rent at vandarhem Torsby
Golf in Torsby (torsbygolfklubb.se) and in Sunne (www.sunnegk.se)
Swimming, canoeing and sailing on the Lisjön or the great Fryken
Sunne Waterpark at the Frykenmeer, water always 25 degrees Celsius (www.sunnesommarland.se)
Cross-country skiing, also in summer in Sweden’s only ski tunnel with biathlon training track and lessons (www.fortumskitunneltorsby.se).
Cross-country skiing and skiing in nature reserve, Hövfjallet, 15 slopes (www.hovfjallet.se) and Skisunne, 12 slopes (skisunne.se),
Fishing and in winter ice fishing on Lisjön or other lakes
Rokkmakkstugan: cross-country skiing, ice skating, ice fishing with rustic restaurant, Ängen near Gräsmark
Rafting and guided canoe trips: www.vildmark.se
Snowmobile safaris and dog sledding tours www.abbastugby.se

Some sights, look for opening hours on websites:

Marbacka (www.marbacka.com), the estate where Selma Lagerlöf lived and worked, where Nils Holgersson was written
Rottneros park (www.rottnerospark.se) near Sunne, beautiful park with art around estate Ekeby, where a Nils Holgersson amusement park for children is located (old-fashioned fun), with excellent restaurant
Varmlands moose park, learn everything you want to know about mooses, Eksharad (www.moose-world.se)
Torsby finnkulturcentrum in Torsby (finnkulturcentrum.com)