The Holiday Home ‘Sagen’ is located directly on the Stora Lisjön lake, between nice towns Sunne and Torsby and against a fascinating nature reserve.

Approximately half an hour’s drive away is the fantastic ski and cross-country skiing area Hövfjallet, where winter sports in Sweden can be enjoyed safely, exclusively and very affordably; it has 2 black pistes and several red pistes, so don’t think it’s nothing. For the real sporty skiers, these slopes offer an enormous challenge, if one tries the Telemark skis ! Cross-country skiing in Sweden is incomparably beautiful. This area is really ‘WinterWonderLand’ in winter.

Sagen is located between Sunne and Torsby, where all imaginable facilities are available.

This area has many beautiful sights such as Marbäcka, the estate where the writer Selma Lagerlöf has lived (Niels Holgersson).

At 8 km and 15 km away you will find a golf course, where it is normal to take your children to as well.

At 30 km to the north is the nature, cross-country skiing and skiing area Hövfjället, (www.hövfjä A few kilometers south of Sunne there is also a limited skiing arena in SkiSunne.

The capital of Värmland, Karlstad, is about 80 km to the south and is a lively student town, located on one of Sweden’s two largest lakes, Lake Vänern.

Approximately 200 km to the west is Oslo, which is about a 2.5 hour drive away.