We had a wonderful winter sports holiday in Värmland from Villa Sågen. If you are looking for a real Swedish winter experience (sporty and cosy) with lovely days in the snow or on the ice and long evenings by the fire and in the sauna, this holiday home is the place to be. In the surrounding area, you will find many lakes for beautiful winter walks, and if the ice is firm enough you can even walk across the ice to one of the islands in the lakes, for example for a winter barbecue. And nearby you can find several winter sports areas.

Read the full holiday report here (in Dutch)


We had a wonderful time here! A nice house and beautiful surroundings.

The children enjoyed everything. The space, the lake, the rooms in the house. And of course the skiing and snowboarding in Hóvfjallet! Also the beautiful piano and the atmospheric decoration of the house, the nice movies make it very pleasant to be here. Thank you dear Ineke for this wonderful holiday!

Inge Putter with girlfriend and children

Three weeks in this beautiful house! The weeks flew by! We have done everything such as: boating on the lake, to the Vattenpark, with a Landrover in the forest and 8 moose spotted! (later another one just in front of the car!), fried sausages on the island and beach, visited Selma Lagerlöf’s house… and many other things! We also spent a lot of time at the house, relaxing in a garden chair reading a book in the sun…

Sometimes on the lake, a little fishing, a little swimming.

It was three great weeks!

Mete de Graaf, 13 years old

In March, we had a wonderful witer holiday with a befriended family, during which we have been alpine and country skiing, but we also really enjoyed each other and made many walks through the beautiful Winter Wonderland. It is incomprehensible that not many more people go skiing in Sweden: It is pure, honest, not exploited (one restaurant with live après-ski guitar music), safe and very cheap compared to the Alps, where we have skied for 20 years but where you get in this period of the year a general feeling of congestion everywhere you go … If it is not challenging anymore, you go snowboarding, telemark skiing or off-piste skiing (which can be done here quietly without a guide): here no ravines or avalanches!

Willem and Ineke, Co Bastiaan and Derk (8, 10 and 13 years)

When we arrived here a week ago at nine o’clock in the evening, Tessa spontaneously uttered the words “chill”. And indeed, we were all immediately captivated by the beauty of this place.

The view of the lake and the trees, the tranquillity, the slight elevation of the house in relation to its surroundings that gives it a certain rustic look, we took Sagen to our hearts straight away.

It was our first holiday week and we really needed to relax after a busy year. And we did just that.

We are not people who always go to the same place on holiday, but I can definitely see us coming back. Thank you very much for the use of this fine house!

Linda, Tessa and Walter from Amsterdam

What a lovely house ! We have had a wonderful time here!

The lake, the canoe, the ice cream in the Glass Café, the fishing, getting lost around the lake, the sauna, the ant hills, the moose, the food at huppeldepup Lök, the big round Leksande Knäcke, the table tennis table (luckily mum is still the best!), the countless little frogs and so on……

Thanks thanks thanks!

Ineke Hadewijn Vijverberg, Leiden

After four wonderful weeks without a single rainy day, we are closing the door behind us tomorrow morning with melancholy. Swimming in the lake several times a day, having a drink and a meal by the fire every day. Occasionally interrupted by eating ice cream at the top shops in Lysvik. Foxes, elk, deer, cranes and other large birds passed us by. Made beautiful walks, sometimes a bit lost. Many times ran around the lake, fortunately no bears or wolves on the path. The managers of the house were also extremely friendly and helpful.

It was all so lovely and friendly and peaceful and beautiful that it occurred to us to stay here….

For all those after us: enjoy!

Greetings from us all, Bart & Yolanda – Sebastiaan & Joosje – Maurits & Asia – Splinter – Storm – Bril the dog

We are simply happy here. Everything is as we had hoped: the house is beautiful, so tastefully refurbished inside, so comfortable and spacious (which is nice when it rains all day like the first week of the holiday). The surroundings are incredibly beautiful.

A place to fall in love!

Suzanne, Wim Henk, Smilla, Lily and Anna Steenpoorte